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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Makeup-less vs. Makeup-ness

Hi Everyone,

I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday. I am currently in bed catching up on Sunday morning Youtube having just done my makeup and the idea of makeup-less vs. makeup-ness came into my head.
This is because yesterday I did not wear any makeup, which I will admit is rare for me. I love how I look with makeup and going without makeup even for a day curbs my self-esteem quite a bit. Because of this, when I finished my makeup and looked at myself, it wasn't with the usual 'feeling myself' vibe I usually have. Instead, it was more of a ''this is all fake' and 'but you still look like that underneath all of this, and that is the real you'. Real you. Maybe that's the problem. Makeup me and non-makeup me are still the same person, but in my head because I don't like the way I look without makeup so I set the looks as two different people. Makeup me is happy and satisfied whereas non-makeup me is unhappy, unmotivated and dissatisfied. Does anyone else feel this way?

I've never really thought about this before, so analysing it now and writing it down is really helping me come to terms with it and hopefully start to see the two looks as the same person, because they are.

I think I'm going to try going makeup-less more often. Not when I see people (apart from my uni flatmates and family as I know they don't mind how I look), but perhaps when I know I won't be going outside that day, just so I can get used to seeing myself makeup-less and not go for a second take in the mirror when I see myself without makeup.

If any of you are struggling with this also, I'd love to hear from you.

Happy Sunday, and I hope the week ahead treats you well.

~ Jess ~

Monday, 22 February 2016

Prelude to Uni #1

As of now, 22 February 2016, I have 202 days until my prospective uni course starts on 12 September 2016. That is 30 weeks, so 6 months and 21 days. Put into numbers like this, it seems ages away, but putting it into comparison of how long I have had of my last year of school so far, and I know that it will come sooner than perceived.

As of now, if you are applying to uni now (hi!) or have done in the past and remember its one billion steps, you will know that I should have applied to uni, have got or be getting my offers back and making final decisions as to where I want to go. Thankfully, this has all happened. Due to the fact that my school honestly has the best careers officer (and I do brag) who is super organised and also super scary when she is angry, I actually had to apply in early November. I am so glad I did this. To anyone who is yet to apply to uni, my first word of advice is get in there early, especially if you want to apply to oversubscribed places such as Exeter and Durham. I have friends who had to apply even earlier than me because they wanted to apply to Oxford or Cambridge and are still awaiting offers from other places they've applied to. I have had it kinda easy-breezy with my application, as the places I applied to aren't very high on the league tables (I don't believe in league tables, I believe you get out what you put in, independent from how highly ranked a uni is). I got my offers back within two months, one taking longer than the others because I had to go to an interview. The only hiccup I had with my application was with my university of choice, as I applied to two courses there, one having a lower entry requirement than the other, in the hope that I set the one I wanted as my firm choice and the lower one as my insurance. Initially, the uni gave me offers for both but have me the same entry requirements for both. However, I was able to fix this through a nicely worded email, and now my masterplan is back on track. There is only one uni I want to go to.

This uni is the University of West London, where I want to study Live Sound Production. I know, I'm interested in beauty and baking and lifestyle hacks, but I also want to be a roadie? Well, sort of. I've always known that I'd be studying music in one way or another, but it wasn't until I started A-levels that I realised I wanted to do something in the realms of music technology, and then in June of Year 12, when I was doing sound for a music event at my school, I just remember sitting there (whilst ukulele group at my school were singing their rendition of Pharrell's 'Happy' Sad, where they detuned the ukuleles and sang very out of tune) thinking yes, this is what I want to do. I've always known I am terrible at performing and composing my own music, so why not bring other people's music to life. I can't think of anything better.

Anyway, here I am, 202 days to go. I've still to apply for accommodation and student finance, which involves talking money with my separated parents, which is never easy. But apart from that, I'm happy and so excited. Like, ditsy disney princess bop up and down and beam endlessly excited. However, this is now the boring part: the "I've got 114 days left of school and most of that is stress-filled and ends with exams" part. However, after school, I have many things to look forward to before uni: my sixth form ball (I'm actually a sarcastic old git so this is going to be ball (geddit) to make fun of everyone at (joke)) and also my eighteenth birthday (I plan on having a classy glass of champagne at my favourite pub and buying a bottle of Bailey's on the way home so I can drink copious amounts of Irish iced coffees to keep my going until results day). 

Okay, so this was way longer than I thought it would be and it has literally turned from afternoon to early evening as I've written this in the space of half an hour. I need to close some curtains and turn some lights on, and I suggest you do the same. Literally, or metaphorically. Whatever works for you. I honestly don't know what the metaphor for that would be. Any English students want to help me out? 

So finally, I say good evening and I hope you have a lovely life until I see you next!


Introduction to La Petite Cinglé

Hi everyone!

Firstly, I'd like to say thank you for coming to visit my blog! It means a lot to me. 
My name is Jess, I am seventeen years old and am currently a sixth form student in my last year of school. 
Honestly, starting a blog is not the smartest thing to be doing within the last four months of your secondary school career, as ultimately one should be focused on one's studies to get herself into uni, but I'm hoping (really hoping) this will come to serve me as a little getaway from the stress of a-levels and the daily worry over whether I will get into uni or not. 
Either way, I really want to stick to this, and have it serve me through uni as well. I'm at the young age of seventeen and a lot can happen in three-and-a-half years. It will be interesting to see what does happen.

Content on this blog will vary, but the majority of it will be beauty, lifestyle and cooking/baking. as with many other blogs, content will change with me as I change. I'm hopefully going to be starting uni in September in London, which will bring many of its surprises and changes with it, but also a lot of interesting content. I'm so excited. 

Although this hasn't been much of a huge portal into my life, I hope this introduction makes and keeps you interested. If you want to know more, or see more, of me between posts then I suggest you follow me on my social media, links to which are on the right, just click on the logo of each thing and it should take you to my pages. These are my one and only so therefore also personal social media pages, because just as I follow friends and they follow me back, I want you to see me as a friend and visa versa. 

See you soon!

~ Jess ~